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Why is NuGet Pakage Restore needed?



  • The NuGet packages doesn't have to version controlled like References files or the binary files. Can be said like they can be excluded like files with .DLL extension. In case of frequent update of these file to the Distributed version control system (DCVS), can lead the major repository bloat. It also requires a lot of time to clone.

  • Similarly, Packages can be included in the repository itself and each team member can add references to it and rather than uploading each reference from each version.
  • And, the main thing is that one can add references and may never use it. It can also be possible that the references will never be used by any other member of the group. Then, there will be a problem to clean up the project. One might also delete the package folder and that is crucial while cleaning. So, it is better to use package restore than just adding the packages that may never be used.
How to Enable NuGet Pakage Restore?
Using VS UI.

Automatic Package Restore

  • Navigate to Tools>Options>Package Manager >Generel and check mark the followings.

  • For Specific Solution : Right click on solution in solution explorer click on Enable NuGet Package Restore

  • The two steps above will add “.nuget” folder in solution explorer and it will invoke MSbuid to check the “packages.config”. Vs will then install any missing packages if any of the specified NuGet is missing from the Nuget folder.

Steps For NuGet Pakage Restore.


Step by Step process to buy Peercoin.(PPCoin)

Both Peer-to-Peer Coins(PPC) and BitCoins(BTC) are a form of cryptocurrencies in the digital world. In comparison to the BTC, PPC is more preferred because of its sustainability and not having technical restrictions for transactions. For example, BTC is capable of performing limited number of transaction in unit time which is not a matter to worry about while you are using PPC. Because of these several reasons you might want to get PPCs instead of BTCs. Here we have the step-by-step process that you can follow along to purchase PPCs.

This process consists of three main steps which are :
  • Buying BitCoins
  • Converting BitCoins to Peer-to-Peer Coins
  • Transferring PPC to personal wallet.
Buying BTC : allows you to buy BitCoins by linking your bank account and performing wire transfer. CoinBase and their ties are trustable communities and you don't need to worry about being it a fraud or something else to cause similar dilemma.

Converting BTC to PPC : 

You can convert your BitCoins to Peer-to-Peer Coins using BTC-e is a Russian website. You can transfer your BitCoins from CoinBase to BTC-e. Here is the way how you do it.
  •  Sign up for
  • Click "Finances" link on the top right of BTC-e which will show up once you have an account.
  • Under the BTC funds, Click "Deposit" which will let you see your BTC address which should be a combination of alpha-numeric characters. For example. 1GTp2jrteMv7hZ5dtjMfY6CHgWjPkvuJzr
  • Now, go back to and withdraw funds to the address you see on the  This process will take a few moments to go through.
  • Come back to Hit "Trade" tab on the left of BTC-e
  • Click "PPC/BTC" button
  • Scroll down the page untill you see "Buy PPC" option.
  • You will be able to choose the amount you want and the price you are willing to pay.
  • Click "Buy PPC"

Transfer PPC back to your personal wallet: 

Go back to once you have purchased some PPC. Click on "Finances" followed by "Withdraw" button by the PPC section.
  • You will be prompted to enter the address to which you want to withdraw your funds.
  • Once you have ready, open the app, click "Receive Money" to generate a new address.
  • Copy and paste the address back into BTC-e and you're done!
If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas to make this blog a better place, there's a comment section right below waiting for you. If you think this post was helpful, make sure to give a thumbs up and share with your friends on social medias. Thanks !


Best Free Nepali iphone Apps

There are not many people in Nepal who can afford iPhone as their daily phone. Nevertheless, the market of iphone is in the hype. And, Nepalese outside Nepal who use iphone are enormous in number. Being in the tech field for quite a long time we America best Nepalese have created a list of best Nepali iphone Apps you  might want to download in your phone to feel like home and show love towards our developers.

Nepali FM Version: 5.1 By Deepak Dhakal 

With more than seventy thousands hit per-day  Nepali FM is a great app for iphone and ipad. It has more than hundred thousand downloads and the new  layout allows you to record audio while playing and pausing anytime. It has multitasking feature enabled in version 3.3.0 and above. As you can see in screenshot you can play many Nepali FM stations. Since, all FM stations may not be broadcasting at all times, one may not be able to play some stations until they don't broadcast.

Nepali News Version: 1.9 By Themissinglynx

This app is quite popular not because of its features but because of its downloads rates.The best part of this app is that it acts as a vintage point for all news from various sources including twitter and blogs. User is allowed to personalize news tabs with drag and drop feature. If user is offline then the app loads the data received during the previously connectivity. 

Nepali Music Version: 3.0 By Deepak Dhakal

With more than 7000 Nepali  and being constantly updated/added, Nepali Music can be one of those most-have app in your phone. Song can play in background and navigation buttons helps you navigate between songs without even losing one song. 

Note: Always buy songs if you want to respect the artist.

Also read : Best Nepali Andriod Apps
Nepali Calendar Version: 1.5 By Shankar Uprety

After the success of Hamro Patro for andriod by Mr. Uprety here comes his Nepali calender with all the public holidays and events. It also consists of current forex values and tends for the last month. The best bargain about this app is that it allows users to convert Nepali date to Gregorian calender and vice-versa. 

Type Nepali Version: 1.1 By Raj Bala

Have you ever felt sad not being able to type something in Nepali in your iphone or ipod and send an email of sms from app itself to your loved one? If yes, then this application will be your handy solution. Not only that you can send sms but you and also copy the typed text to memory as a note. With limitation that it doesn't add extra feature to your system keyboard this app is still a great one.

Which phone is best? People's choice result.

There is always a fight between tech-geeks to prove that the phone they carry is better than other. Arguing considering one's opinion really don't make it clear whether a device is better than other or not. And again, finding out how people think about certain device over another is a tedious job. One need to set up an online survey and make people participate on it.

 Last week my friend and I was talking about Google's suggestions. The suggestions are made as per the search queries of users. All of sudden we felt like they are the opinions of people. Most of the time people people search about what they believe in and what they wanna know about it.

After understanding the co-relation of Google search suggestions and people's choice we came up with results.

The first query is made with questions related to andriod and the results are :
  • Why is android better than iPhone?
  • Why is android better than apple?
  • Why is android emulator so slow?
  • Why is android better?

The results focused on user being biased in favor of android and complaining about emulator being slow.

The next search query is made with questions related to iPhone.
And the results turned about to be:
  • Why is iPhone 5 better?
  • Why is iPhone better than android?
  • Why is iPhone so slow?
  • Why is iPhone better than galaxy?

This results show that there is a fight between iPhone user and android users.There is no clear search about specific features of each phones. It seems to me that each user are trying to prove them-self better than other without clear grounds. I do believe that they compared with other as the result of comparison made by their makers.

Nevertheless, the search about windows phone gave a clear conclusion as the results are :
  • Why is windows phone better?
  • Why is windows phone failing?
  • Why is windows  iPhone better than android?
  • Why is windows phone better than iPhone?
The results shows one thing clearly that no matter what people believe about their phone by what they believe for sure is that windows is failing. On that vote we can say that iPhone and android wins the battle over windows phone.

In conclusions, iPhone have faced slowing down problem most of the time, android's emulator is slow sometime.(Based on the suggestions) But, the battle between apple and android keeps on even after these results.


Samsung 'Galaxy Win' images and specs leaked !

A Vietnamese mobile website Mainguyen has displayed unveiled Samsung's smartphone : 'Galaxy Win'. This phone expected to be announced by Samsung next month. Like other Samsung smartphones, it uses Android 4.1.2 Jellybean. It will have 1.2 Ghz Snapdragon processor, 4.7 inch Super AMOLED display and 5 MP camera. It will also feature dual sim capability.


Fake Iphone 5S released before the original !

A Chinese company has recently launched a duplicate Iphone 5S before Apple Inc. launched the original one. This Iphone 5S looks like a real Iphone but it uses iOS looking Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. You will see Google Play Store opening when you press the App. Store bottom.

It has 1 Ghz Mediatek processor and 512 MB RAM. It also has 4" Apple's Retina display. These features are less than it should have been.
However, the Apple Inc. might launch real Iphone 5S around the end of 2013. 

Amazing Windows Tips and Tricks !

Windows OS for computer and tablet devices occupy more than 90% of the market share in today's world. Most of us are using Microsoft's Windows OS right now. But there are many amazing facts, tips and tricks about this OS which we might not known. We are going to discuss about them in this post.

1) Folder name that cannot be created :

An Indian discovered that a folder named "CON" cannot be created in any directory or any versions of Microsoft OS. Even Microsoft and Bill Gates cannot explain the reason behind this amazing fact. Unbelievable ? Try it and believe. Isn't this amazing ?

2) World Trade Center Attack Trick :

As a matter of fact, the flight number of the plane that hit the WTC on 9/11 was Q33NY. But many of us might not know there's a coincidence about it in Microsoft Windows. Lets try it.

Open Wordpad ( run "wordpad" ).

Type "Q33N" ( capitalized, and quotations excluded )

Select all and change font-size to 72.

Change font to Wingdings.

What a coincidence ! Right ?

3) "Matrix Falling Effect":

This is what its called Matrix falling effect, inspired by the movie Matrix. For this you need to write a simple notepad file and save it in batch format. Lets get started.

Open notepad and copy the following codes ( exclude quotation marks):

@echo off
color 02
echo %random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%
goto tricks "

Save it as tricks.bat on desktop

Open it and see what happens. Cool nah ?

4) CD/DVD Drive Non-stop Ejector :

This particular trick was annoying to me personally and it might have the same feeling for you. It might   work only for CD/DVD drive (the one in desktop computers), not for that of laptops. What it does is it continuously ejects your CD/DVD Drive without giving you a chance to stop it ! Here's how you do it.

Copy the following codes in notepad ( exclude quotation marks):

Set oWMP = CreateObject("WMPlayer.OCX.7")
Set colCDROMs = oWMP.cdromCollection
if colCDROMs.Count >= 1 then
For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count - 1
For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count - 1
End If
wscript.sleep 5000
loop "

Save it as Filename.vbs

Open it and see what happens. You may restart your computer to stop this effect !
We hope you all enjoyed these stuffs. We will update new tips, tricks and amazing stuffs. Stay tuned !


How will future Smartphone look like?

I began to read blogs since 2008, and the same year, I started writing one. From my early years in school, I was fond of new trends in science and technology. Decidedly, I started blogging, though with contrivance and meager details, specifically on technology issues. Let’s be honest. My thing is  tech. I read tech, write tech, talk tech, eat, sleep and breathe tech. With that idea in mind, I am going to write about how future smartphones will look like.

Paper-thin Phone
Before diving into the topic, I want to ask you a question. Can you imagine of a transparent phone ? Can a phone ever be paper-thin? Well, Technology might put one paper-thin phone on your hand but what would it look like? What will its shape be?  Will it be as big as an index card, or as big as a notebook that college kids carry?  What about something that we can never think of ? But its obvious that it will be something that people would like to have and something that technology can deliver.

Transparent Phone
Now, lets talk about how these phones will be like. In 2008, a blogger named Patrick of wrote about Electronic Paper Display (EPD) technology. It is said that a layer of carbon-compound is capable to process all the functionalities that a computer can have. What does that really mean? Perhaps, that means paper-thin phone is possible.

Proving that hypothesis in 2013,  Michael Rundle published an article on The Huffington Post about Polytron Technology. By using this technology, transparent smartphone prototypes were developed in early 2013. Although  these phones will be completely transparent, they will still be able to display colorful images. Moreover, this technological advancement can be the precursor to paper-thin transparent phone.

Not only the phone will be paper-thin and transparent, but also the phone will have Artificial Intelligence (AI) as per the predictions of The New York Times. It said so because Iphone “Siri” is already an product using AI. It is pretty obvious that the development will take at-least one step further in case of future smartphones. On top of that, it could have more features than we have imagined, like Moore's Law. Moore’s Law  is law that states, “ Technology will advance in twice rate than now  in 18 months and it will be cheaper as much as half.” Considering this, phone will be something from science fiction.

Moreover, it will be redundant to mention what Blogger Jessica from had said when she focused on user friendliness of future phone in hers post of future of smartphones. There, she mentioned that the future phone will have almost all features that a PC has.

If that is the case, then let’s watch a short clip by Forbes magazine which shows the current height of personal computers’ technology.

Eye Computer
Now just imagine a phone with that capability. Will it be possible? Yes, it will be !  Samsung Galaxy S IV which is said to be released on March 14th (tomorrow), will have somehow similar features. According to, this phone might  have eye-scrolling functionality . It is a similar attempt and incline towards touch-less phone!

Google Glass
Google released Google glass a week ago. This glass remain on the frame like that of spectacles  and runs as per the voice command of a person.

Look all this one might say that tech gadgets are getting smaller but to everyone’s surprise the sales of larger screen phone which takes of larger space are getting popular as per the sales graph.

After looking at the tendency of the users, we can say that  the tech industry is at stake. To everyone’s  surprise IPhone, that will be released on the fall of 2013, can  have larger screen. Larger screen might be a great business action for Apple.

In a nutshell, we can say that although the future of smartphone seems unpredictable, the newer generations of smartphones are an advancement in technology. We have used different cell phones with varieties of technologies used in them while coming till today’s age of smartphones. We have enjoyed various now obsolete cell phone features. We are still enjoying wide range of exciting features in today's smartphones, so it’s not a matter of doubt that the upcoming generations of smartphones will have even more incredibly exciting features.

Best Nepali Android Apps

With the advancement of communication technology, "android phones" are being popular in Nepalese cellular market. "Android" is a Google based open source OS designed especially for mobile devices including Cell Phones, Tablets, Netbooks, and many more devices. There are a number of useful softwares available to download on Google Play Store -- the official app store for Android. Below are some of the top Nepali android apps that are available for free.

Nepali Load Shedding Schedule : Developer : Chandra/ Eliza Shrestha

"Nepali Load Shedding Schedule" is one of the most popular and downloaded Nepali android application. This application enables user to view and search the latest updated load shedding schedules. It is designed with the feature by which user can create widgets according to "load shedding groups". Moreover, we can receive notification before and after load shedding and send load shedding schedule via SMS to any other phone. Latest schedules can be easily updated. 
Hamro Patro : Developer : Shankar Uprety
This application keeps it's user up-to-date with the Nepali standard time and date. It can further be used for horoscope. Similarly, we also can convert a date from Bikram Sambat (BS) to date in Iswi Sambat (AD). Moreover,  we can know about the latest foreign currency exchange rates by using this application. It supports both Nepali and English font. The recent update allows us to listen Nepali FM station online. Not only that, we can also excess the information about the FM that we are tuning on by using this app. This app seems promising and we expect more updates from the developer.

Nepali News, News of Nepal Developer : Mahesh Subedi

With this application, we can read all the Nepali news from different sources at one platform. It includes most popular newspapers and blogs including kantipur, nagariknews, my sansar, hamra kura,, the himalayan times, republica, BBC Nepali, Nepali times,, naya patrika, xnepali, dautari blog, and many more. It also supports easy social sharing. Reading plane is very clean and unobtrusive. Every new updates has made this app more useful and simple to use. This application can be even more helpful to Nepalese living abroad to stay updated with current happenings in their home country. 

Nepali Quiz Developer : Anil Shrestha & Bikul Koirala

This is a fun Quiz app that includes questions mainly about Nepal. This application supports English language only. It covers questions from various areas including history, geography, sports, entertainment, language and other areas of common interests. We can utilize our spare time by gaining knowledge with fun.

Plugin Nepali: Developer : Honso

This app enables it's user to directly write Devanagari Nepali Unicode font. This app fills the gaps between English and Nepali language in everyday textual communication. We need to install MultiLing keyboard (an android app ) along with this application to run it. The best part of the application is that it does not need internet connection to run, even though, it fails to enable user write half letter.

NOTE: We have selected these apps on the basis of usefulness, user ratings and number of downloads.                                                                                      Edited by: Dinesh Devkota 

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