How to add meta tags for each post in blogspot or blogger?

Blogger used to be unfair place for SEO implementation. It is because, it had not given bloggers options to update the metatags/meta description on each indexed page without editing the HTML code of template.

Now, it is possible to add meta tag for the single page of your blog with easy technique. Follow the following steps.

  • GO to blogger.
  •  Upgrade to newer version of blogger if you are still using the older platform.
  •  Go to settings.
  • Click on Search Preferences
  • Flow the instruction as shown in picture
  • Now create a post for your blog.
  • You will be able to find the link for adding Search Description on the sidebar on your right.
  • Add description for the post. You can edit every other post you have created and add Search Description.
Following these steps allow you to add description on each page. Those descriptions acts appears as metatag for pages. Enjoy Blogging, Enjoy SEO.