Creating databases on PhpMyadmin

The Procedure for creating database on PhpMyadim is as follows:
  1. After following the procedure of “Opening phpmyadmin on ubuntu”, click on database located on the top menu bar of the index.php file.
  2. Type in the desired name for the database and click on create.The link of created database will then be there on the left sidebar.
  3. Double click on database. Since, it is the first database one is creating, one might not see any tables or content. There could be other databases in one’s phpmyadmin if it was used previously and, one can browser the database. Hence, one can feel how it looks like.
  4. After clicking on recently created database, first thing one might want to do is to create a table. For creating table follow the instruction on creating the table.

Note : These posts are based on Ubuntu server. To know more about the specification click here.