"Stop Facebook From Marking Messages as Seen" Dang! HackCollege

When HackCollege doesnot make sense!
Hackcollege, recently published an article about stopping Facebook from marking messages as seen. Tyler Mangrum, author of the blog, talked about how people can stop letting the sender of message on Facebook know that a message been seen by using an extension from Crossrider

Mr. Mangrum mentioned that he had not encountered any problem of extension on any of the web browsers. He was right on that regards. Windows donot detect it as spam or anything. However, after using the extension for quite a few days, I encountered a problem. I came to realise how this extension works. It marks all the messages being unread/unseen. If you say,"this is what I want!", then you might be wrong. Do you want to see the notifications of unseen messages often on your Facebook header even after reading them. Well, think about it. 

I had thought that the extension would work marking the message seen for us without letting the sender know about it. In the contrary, it works the other way. It marks the message being unseen on both sides even if the message is seen. Ultimately, there will be atleast a notification of unseen message for reciever. It gives rise to a confusion if the one has a new message or is it the same old message marked as unseen. It is a worthless extension for a browser if notification cannot be resolved. I think that HackCollege should have given us a better solution for this situation. What say?