Will Facebook force People You Don't Know Message Your Inbox For $1

After reading the Post from Facebook what might one think? Is Facebook going to charge people who want to message to someone who is not friend/ not in network? A blog post in  Mashable points that one might be charged 1$ one time fee to message a person who is not in friend list from Facebook. We are not making this post to explain what else could be the meaning of the highlighted sentence above. In the contrary, if that is the correct projection of Mashable then, what will be the fate of Facebook in near future?

Are every people going to pay for the messaging to someone who is not in friend list but  [Supposing that they cannot send friend request to each other but know each other] In our opinion, at this point Facebook might face downfall. Linkedin doesn't allow to send request to unknown person, this might have lagged them in the race of social networking. There are lots of other social networking sites which makes people pay for such tasks. This way of business might have forced them to face failure in networking.

In the first place, Facebook is popular because it is free. The day when it starts charging people the case will not be same. There will be someone in the market who knows the basic idea of supply and demand curve from Economics, and he/she will be there to reach the demand of people with free supply. We want to know if our projection is right. Is the doomsday for Facebook near? comment please!