How does referal Spammer work?

Whenever one starts a new blog/site, then one is almost addicted to know about site's stats and page views.

These days, bloggers are amazed by the visit from sites such as,,,,, and so on. Some of the entries in blogger's stat are shown in the figure.

[UPDATE] On the week of October 1st 2013 spammer sites from ukraine namely,,, nasmorc.r,, and started hiting the blogs. They also fall in same category.
So, how they work?
Whenever one gets views from sites mentioned above then one should be aware some things. First of all, these views are not views from audience. They are views from automatic hit from computer and known to be "referer spam". They want to draw an new blogger into their sites and increase the views. They want traffic to theirs site. One need to be web-savvy and not to click the questionable links appeared on stats or anywhere else during surfing. 

Best way to deal with those hits is to ignore them. Never clicking them automatically discourage the referer spam to be on stats. Consider SEO and get genuine hit to your blog/site. Please comment.