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"Stop Facebook From Marking Messages as Seen" Dang! HackCollege

When HackCollege doesnot make sense!
Hackcollege, recently published an article about stopping Facebook from marking messages as seen. Tyler Mangrum, author of the blog, talked about how people can stop letting the sender of message on Facebook know that a message been seen by using an extension from Crossrider

Mr. Mangrum mentioned that he had not encountered any problem of extension on any of the web browsers. He was right on that regards. Windows donot detect it as spam or anything. However, after using the extension for quite a few days, I encountered a problem. I came to realise how this extension works. It marks all the messages being unread/unseen. If you say,"this is what I want!", then you might be wrong. Do you want to see the notifications of unseen messages often on your Facebook header even after reading them. Well, think about it. 

I had thought that the extension would work marking the message seen for us without letting the sender know about it. In the contrary, it works the other way. It marks the message being unseen on both sides even if the message is seen. Ultimately, there will be atleast a notification of unseen message for reciever. It gives rise to a confusion if the one has a new message or is it the same old message marked as unseen. It is a worthless extension for a browser if notification cannot be resolved. I think that HackCollege should have given us a better solution for this situation. What say?

How to add meta tags for each post in blogspot or blogger?

Blogger used to be unfair place for SEO implementation. It is because, it had not given bloggers options to update the metatags/meta description on each indexed page without editing the HTML code of template.

Now, it is possible to add meta tag for the single page of your blog with easy technique. Follow the following steps.
  • GO to blogger.
  •  Upgrade to newer version of blogger if you are still using the older platform.
  •  Go to settings.
  • Click on Search Preferences
  • Flow the instruction as shown in picture
  • Now create a post for your blog.
  • You will be able to find the link for adding Search Description on the sidebar on your right.
  • Add description for the post. You can edit every other post you have created and add Search Description.
Following these steps allow you to add description on each page. Those descriptions acts appears as metatag for pages. Enjoy Blogging, Enjoy SEO.

What is Search Engine indexing?

Bookmark the site to learn SEO.
Search Engine indexing is the method by which search engine copies the information of certain pages in its cache server. Search Engines have bots known as crawler. Crawlers crawl through the page created in a website, and saves them to its cache server. 

Why is it saved into cache server, what does that mean? 
 Well, the Internet is dynamic; it is changing all the time. It need to be saved in the temporary memory so as to update,if the information in site updates. 

Why do indexing necessary?
 It is neccessary to make the search result quick and efficient. If a server tries to search for a keyword in real-run-time, then it will takes hours to generate the result. When the data is stored in the server itself, then it takes parts of a second to generate the result to an user.

What is SEO, search engine optimization?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process of upgrading/optimization of a site to make it visible to Search Engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

When one types in a keyword in Search bar of a search Engine, then search engine comes up with a result for that KEWORD. If your site has implemented effective SEO then you will get the indexed pages of your site in the result. For search engine optimization, one needs to know about the search algorithms that a search engines uses.Some of the various methods that Search Engine use to come with the search result are as follows:
  • Keywords present in the site.
  • Metatags used in descriptions of the site.
  • Title of pages.
  • Backlinks to the site.
  • Sitemaps of the site.
  • Time to load a page.

Will Facebook force People You Don't Know Message Your Inbox For $1

After reading the Post from Facebook what might one think? Is Facebook going to charge people who want to message to someone who is not friend/ not in network? A blog post in  Mashable points that one might be charged 1$ one time fee to message a person who is not in friend list from Facebook. We are not making this post to explain what else could be the meaning of the highlighted sentence above. In the contrary, if that is the correct projection of Mashable then, what will be the fate of Facebook in near future?

Are every people going to pay for the messaging to someone who is not in friend list but  [Supposing that they cannot send friend request to each other but know each other] In our opinion, at this point Facebook might face downfall. Linkedin doesn't allow to send request to unknown person, this might have lagged them in the race of social networking. There are lots of other social networking sites which makes people pay for such tasks. This way of business might have forced them to face failure in networking.

In the first place, Facebook is popular because it is free. The day when it starts charging people the case will not be same. There will be someone in the market who knows the basic idea of supply and demand curve from Economics, and he/she will be there to reach the demand of people with free supply. We want to know if our projection is right. Is the doomsday for Facebook near? comment please!

definining recursion and its importance

Merriam Webster dictionary defines recursion as “a computer programming technique involving the use of a procedure, subroutine, function, or algorithm that calls itself one or more times until a specified condition is met at which time the rest of each repetition is processed from the last one called to the first.”  Recursion by definition is the technique to call itself to generating the elements of a domain generated by special condition. It is used in different areas of studies and has numerous significance.
In computer science programming recursion is used to compute, analyze, manipulate, and construct databases. For instance, recursion is used in sorting and searching algorithms such a binary search for a binary tree. Recursion is a bit different that than iteration. It is more efficient in terms of run time complexity. People say that there are some costs associated with using recursion as it is copied onto the stack each time it calls itself, and this takes time & memory which is actually not required for solutions. To the contrary, the use of recursion makes the computer be able to keep track of what event happened in which part of calculation/function.
Recursion is not only used by machines but it has other significance on our daily life. One might get amazed when one comes to know that the Fibonacci sequence which can be generated by recursion can help in approximation of Kilometers and conversion to miles and vice versa. [For details here] By the way, Fibonacci series can be computed by other method than recursion. Use of recursion for this series actually makes it complicated. Nevertheless, there is one function called Ackermann Function which cannot be used without iteration. Ackermann function uses different condition for different domain and it can be used as a benchmark of a compiler's ability to optimize recursion This shows the actual importance of recursion in mathematics and daily life. This is one application for recursion, and there are whole bunch of them which can take whole life to discuss.

Unlike button on facebook

There is no exact "dislike button" on Facebook. Nevertheless, there is hide button concealed on the down arrow on an item to the right. If one doesn't like a specific post on Facebook then one can always hide it. On doing so, one tells Facebook that a person doesn't like the post. Since, Facebook is always looking to enhance its user experience, it always takes note on what people like and what people dislike. Moreover, hiding the post helps you focus on what one like and, allows one to stick with it.

How does referal Spammer work?

Whenever one starts a new blog/site, then one is almost addicted to know about site's stats and page views.

These days, bloggers are amazed by the visit from sites such as,,,,, and so on. Some of the entries in blogger's stat are shown in the figure.

[UPDATE] On the week of October 1st 2013 spammer sites from ukraine namely,,, nasmorc.r,, and started hiting the blogs. They also fall in same category.
So, how they work?
Whenever one gets views from sites mentioned above then one should be aware some things. First of all, these views are not views from audience. They are views from automatic hit from computer and known to be "referer spam". They want to draw an new blogger into their sites and increase the views. They want traffic to theirs site. One need to be web-savvy and not to click the questionable links appeared on stats or anywhere else during surfing. 

Best way to deal with those hits is to ignore them. Never clicking them automatically discourage the referer spam to be on stats. Consider SEO and get genuine hit to your blog/site. Please comment.

Shortest Path Problem in Graph Theory

In any route or in any networks of roads, there is at least one shortest path to reach from one point to another. Such shortest path in form of graph is said to be the shortest path Problem. In other words, it is the way to minimize the weights of the constituent edges in finding a path between two vertices (or nodes) in a graph. Additionally, if one needs to visualize what Shortest path problem then one can consider the travel path of FED-EX to deliver the packages using shortest time and distance. This approach is normally used in web mapping sites such as MapQuest or Google Maps.

   (6, 4, 5, 1) and (6, 4, 3, 2, 1) are both paths between vertices 6 and 1. Source: Wikipedia

Similarly, there are lots of Algorithms associated with Shortest Path Problem but the Dijkstra’s algorithmic by Leyzorek et al. 1957; Dijkstra 1959 is considered to be the best. Dijkstra's algorithm solves the single-source shortest path problems. 

minimal spanning tree problem in data structure

In tree connection, spanning tree means that all nodes of a graph to be connected with each other either directly or indirectly. Minimal spanning tree problem is then a spanning tree graph that weight less than or equal to the weight of every other spanning tree graphs.
Each node is propotional with weight which is proportional to length. Source:Wikipedia
To visualize, one can imagine how Telecommunication Company would use cable to connect each individual residential building. It would use cable in unidirectional fashion and with shortest path.

What is a tree, and what are some applications of trees?

The set of linked node with one node as a root making an acyclic, connected graph is said to be tree in Computer Science. When one tree have unique path from node to any other node then that tree is said to be acyclic. The figure below shows how a tree would look like.

    A tree with hierarchy. Source:Wikipedia

The common use of tree is to represent data in hierarchical manner such that the storing and searching could be easier in future. It helps in representation of shorted list of data. In visual effects it can be used as a workflow for composition of digital images. Moreover, it is the foundation for different algorithms such as Routing algorithms.

What is a graph, and what are some applications of graphs?

According to Wikipedia, graph is an abstract data type. And, the definition of extract data type is that it is a mathematical model of some data structure. This means that its data type depends on graph and hyper graph.
A labeled graph of 6 vertices and 7 edges. Source: Wikipedia

Basically, graph is an arc that connects significant ordered pairs assuming that each order pair as a node. That arc helps user to see the patterns of the data and helps to simplify data graphically. These graphs can be used to represent a network of roads, the relationship between people (For instance, it is used in Facebook to see how people are connected with each other.) inside the computer. Graphs can be created in many ways and a good choice of mechanism of creating a graph depends on the operation that the computer program needs to perform on the graph to achieve its needs.

Creating the Table inside PhpMyAdmin

 Follow the following steps to create a Table of database inside PhpMyadmin

  1. Click the database you have created (read creating databases if you have not created one)and enter the desired name of table in the field provided. If you have already created a table before, you might be able to see the table inside the database. Nevertheless, you will always have a option to create a new one.
  2. Enter the desired number of column(s) you want on your table and, click on go button on the right hand side.(Congratulation!,you created your first table!)
  3. After creating the table one needs to connect the table to a form. The use of this table is to get data from the field of the form and store it in the database. 

    Note : These posts are based on Ubuntu server. To know more about the specification click here.


Creating databases on PhpMyadmin

The Procedure for creating database on PhpMyadim is as follows:
  1. After following the procedure of “Opening phpmyadmin on ubuntu”, click on database located on the top menu bar of the index.php file.
  2. Type in the desired name for the database and click on create.The link of created database will then be there on the left sidebar.
  3. Double click on database. Since, it is the first database one is creating, one might not see any tables or content. There could be other databases in one’s phpmyadmin if it was used previously and, one can browser the database. Hence, one can feel how it looks like.
  4. After clicking on recently created database, first thing one might want to do is to create a table. For creating table follow the instruction on creating the table.

Note : These posts are based on Ubuntu server. To know more about the specification click here.

Where actually is the files we are working located in Ubuntu server?

This is one of the confusions that a new user stumble when learning something on ubuntu server. Where are the files that you are working is in the Ubuntu server?

Let us explain this way. When someone hits then the one is trying to excesse the index.html(This is default file for the most of the websites)  inside the www folder. Www folder is located inside var folder and, var folder is located inside the root. The setting for one’s server can be different but the basic configuration is this.  

Note : These posts are based on Ubuntu server. To know more about the specification click here.

How to edit the php/Html file in Ubuntu?

There are lots of editors out there to edit the text of the php or html code in Ubuntu. Since, it edits the code using text they are generally named as text editors. Some text editors are Kate,Vmac and so on. If you have installed one of them and if you right click the file you which you want to edit then there should be a option “Open with” and and inside “Open with” there should be a option to select a text editor. If you don’t have any text editor then install one using Synaptics. Once you open the file with a text editor and edit it, you may save it for later uses. 

Note : These posts are based on Ubuntu server. To know more about the specification click here.


Opening phpmyadmin 5.5.24-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 - (Ubuntu) on Ubuntu

Opening PhpMyadmin on Ubuntu Server is easy. You just need to follow the following instructions.

  1. Type in http://localhost/phpmyadmin on the address bar of Firefox.
  2. Type in the username and password. The user name is normally root because the php and it’s necessary files are located in the root directory of the system
  3. (optional/follow only if you got problem  logging in) Sometime logging in leads to the file that is not present inside phpmyadmin folder.If this case happens then one reach to “file not found” default page of firefox.  To prevent that from happening ,type in http://localhost/phpmyadmin/index.php on the address bar (remember that you have already logged into the phpmyadmin so, you don’t have to login again)

Note : These posts are based on Ubuntu server. To know more about the specification click here.