How to boot a Windows PC faster?

In this era of the world, everyone knows the importance of computer. I guess most of my readers have one.

Since Windows has the largest portion of total market share, most of the users have Windows OS in their PC.

Windows sometime can be a frustrating operating system. It is because every programme till date has been targeted to the windows user. Today, I am going to talk about the method that one can use to boot the windows devices faster.

The methods works for every windows devices. If it didn't work for any of the devices then just let me know in the comment below. I will be happy to provide you the solution for it.

After installing many programmes, one's computer seems to slow down a little bit. Unfortunately, it has marginal effect on the boot time. It is because some programme tends to load as soon as computer is started. What does that mean? Well, it means that after the computer is ready for home screen, the additional non-microsoft programme tends to load in the temporary memory, and  they tends to make you wait before you can do anything with your computer. The common solution for this problem is to remove the application from being loaded into temporary memory as soon as computer is booted. For doing so, one need to follow the following steps.
  1. Go to start menu.
  2. Click on run/if you use windows 7 the run box is already there for you.
  3. Type in MSCONFIG on the run dialog box.
  4. Click on Startup.
  5. Click on Disable all.
  6.  Click on Ok
  7.  Click Ok for restart on exit.
  8. After the windows reboots, check mark the don't show me dialog box that appears 
The steps  7 and 8 will not appear if you have already optimized your windows following the above steps. Leave the comment for us if you ended up with some problems.