How will future Smartphone look like?

I began to read blogs since 2008, and the same year, I started writing one. From my early years in school, I was fond of new trends in science and technology. Decidedly, I started blogging, though with contrivance and meager details, specifically on technology issues. Let’s be honest. My thing is  tech. I read tech, write tech, talk tech, eat, sleep and breathe tech. With that idea in mind, I am going to write about how future smartphones will look like.

Paper-thin Phone
Before diving into the topic, I want to ask you a question. Can you imagine of a transparent phone ? Can a phone ever be paper-thin? Well, Technology might put one paper-thin phone on your hand but what would it look like? What will its shape be?  Will it be as big as an index card, or as big as a notebook that college kids carry?  What about something that we can never think of ? But its obvious that it will be something that people would like to have and something that technology can deliver.

Transparent Phone
Now, lets talk about how these phones will be like. In 2008, a blogger named Patrick of wrote about Electronic Paper Display (EPD) technology. It is said that a layer of carbon-compound is capable to process all the functionalities that a computer can have. What does that really mean? Perhaps, that means paper-thin phone is possible.

Proving that hypothesis in 2013,  Michael Rundle published an article on The Huffington Post about Polytron Technology. By using this technology, transparent smartphone prototypes were developed in early 2013. Although  these phones will be completely transparent, they will still be able to display colorful images. Moreover, this technological advancement can be the precursor to paper-thin transparent phone.

Not only the phone will be paper-thin and transparent, but also the phone will have Artificial Intelligence (AI) as per the predictions of The New York Times. It said so because Iphone “Siri” is already an product using AI. It is pretty obvious that the development will take at-least one step further in case of future smartphones. On top of that, it could have more features than we have imagined, like Moore's Law. Moore’s Law  is law that states, “ Technology will advance in twice rate than now  in 18 months and it will be cheaper as much as half.” Considering this, phone will be something from science fiction.

Moreover, it will be redundant to mention what Blogger Jessica from had said when she focused on user friendliness of future phone in hers post of future of smartphones. There, she mentioned that the future phone will have almost all features that a PC has.

If that is the case, then let’s watch a short clip by Forbes magazine which shows the current height of personal computers’ technology.

Eye Computer
Now just imagine a phone with that capability. Will it be possible? Yes, it will be !  Samsung Galaxy S IV which is said to be released on March 14th (tomorrow), will have somehow similar features. According to, this phone might  have eye-scrolling functionality . It is a similar attempt and incline towards touch-less phone!

Google Glass
Google released Google glass a week ago. This glass remain on the frame like that of spectacles  and runs as per the voice command of a person.

Look all this one might say that tech gadgets are getting smaller but to everyone’s surprise the sales of larger screen phone which takes of larger space are getting popular as per the sales graph.

After looking at the tendency of the users, we can say that  the tech industry is at stake. To everyone’s  surprise IPhone, that will be released on the fall of 2013, can  have larger screen. Larger screen might be a great business action for Apple.

In a nutshell, we can say that although the future of smartphone seems unpredictable, the newer generations of smartphones are an advancement in technology. We have used different cell phones with varieties of technologies used in them while coming till today’s age of smartphones. We have enjoyed various now obsolete cell phone features. We are still enjoying wide range of exciting features in today's smartphones, so it’s not a matter of doubt that the upcoming generations of smartphones will have even more incredibly exciting features.