Amazing Windows Tips and Tricks !

Windows OS for computer and tablet devices occupy more than 90% of the market share in today's world. Most of us are using Microsoft's Windows OS right now. But there are many amazing facts, tips and tricks about this OS which we might not known. We are going to discuss about them in this post.

1) Folder name that cannot be created :

An Indian discovered that a folder named "CON" cannot be created in any directory or any versions of Microsoft OS. Even Microsoft and Bill Gates cannot explain the reason behind this amazing fact. Unbelievable ? Try it and believe. Isn't this amazing ?

2) World Trade Center Attack Trick :

As a matter of fact, the flight number of the plane that hit the WTC on 9/11 was Q33NY. But many of us might not know there's a coincidence about it in Microsoft Windows. Lets try it.

Open Wordpad ( run "wordpad" ).

Type "Q33N" ( capitalized, and quotations excluded )

Select all and change font-size to 72.

Change font to Wingdings.

What a coincidence ! Right ?

3) "Matrix Falling Effect":

This is what its called Matrix falling effect, inspired by the movie Matrix. For this you need to write a simple notepad file and save it in batch format. Lets get started.

Open notepad and copy the following codes ( exclude quotation marks):

@echo off
color 02
echo %random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%
goto tricks "

Save it as tricks.bat on desktop

Open it and see what happens. Cool nah ?

4) CD/DVD Drive Non-stop Ejector :

This particular trick was annoying to me personally and it might have the same feeling for you. It might   work only for CD/DVD drive (the one in desktop computers), not for that of laptops. What it does is it continuously ejects your CD/DVD Drive without giving you a chance to stop it ! Here's how you do it.

Copy the following codes in notepad ( exclude quotation marks):

Set oWMP = CreateObject("WMPlayer.OCX.7")
Set colCDROMs = oWMP.cdromCollection
if colCDROMs.Count >= 1 then
For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count - 1
For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count - 1
End If
wscript.sleep 5000
loop "

Save it as Filename.vbs

Open it and see what happens. You may restart your computer to stop this effect !
We hope you all enjoyed these stuffs. We will update new tips, tricks and amazing stuffs. Stay tuned !