Best Free Nepali iphone Apps

There are not many people in Nepal who can afford iPhone as their daily phone. Nevertheless, the market of iphone is in the hype. And, Nepalese outside Nepal who use iphone are enormous in number. Being in the tech field for quite a long time we America best Nepalese have created a list of best Nepali iphone Apps you  might want to download in your phone to feel like home and show love towards our developers.

Nepali FM Version: 5.1 By Deepak Dhakal 

With more than seventy thousands hit per-day  Nepali FM is a great app for iphone and ipad. It has more than hundred thousand downloads and the new  layout allows you to record audio while playing and pausing anytime. It has multitasking feature enabled in version 3.3.0 and above. As you can see in screenshot you can play many Nepali FM stations. Since, all FM stations may not be broadcasting at all times, one may not be able to play some stations until they don't broadcast.

Nepali News Version: 1.9 By Themissinglynx

This app is quite popular not because of its features but because of its downloads rates.The best part of this app is that it acts as a vintage point for all news from various sources including twitter and blogs. User is allowed to personalize news tabs with drag and drop feature. If user is offline then the app loads the data received during the previously connectivity. 

Nepali Music Version: 3.0 By Deepak Dhakal

With more than 7000 Nepali  and being constantly updated/added, Nepali Music can be one of those most-have app in your phone. Song can play in background and navigation buttons helps you navigate between songs without even losing one song. 

Note: Always buy songs if you want to respect the artist.

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Nepali Calendar Version: 1.5 By Shankar Uprety

After the success of Hamro Patro for andriod by Mr. Uprety here comes his Nepali calender with all the public holidays and events. It also consists of current forex values and tends for the last month. The best bargain about this app is that it allows users to convert Nepali date to Gregorian calender and vice-versa. 

Type Nepali Version: 1.1 By Raj Bala

Have you ever felt sad not being able to type something in Nepali in your iphone or ipod and send an email of sms from app itself to your loved one? If yes, then this application will be your handy solution. Not only that you can send sms but you and also copy the typed text to memory as a note. With limitation that it doesn't add extra feature to your system keyboard this app is still a great one.