Which phone is best? People's choice result.

There is always a fight between tech-geeks to prove that the phone they carry is better than other. Arguing considering one's opinion really don't make it clear whether a device is better than other or not. And again, finding out how people think about certain device over another is a tedious job. One need to set up an online survey and make people participate on it.

 Last week my friend and I was talking about Google's suggestions. The suggestions are made as per the search queries of users. All of sudden we felt like they are the opinions of people. Most of the time people people search about what they believe in and what they wanna know about it.

After understanding the co-relation of Google search suggestions and people's choice we came up with results.

The first query is made with questions related to andriod and the results are :
  • Why is android better than iPhone?
  • Why is android better than apple?
  • Why is android emulator so slow?
  • Why is android better?

The results focused on user being biased in favor of android and complaining about emulator being slow.

The next search query is made with questions related to iPhone.
And the results turned about to be:
  • Why is iPhone 5 better?
  • Why is iPhone better than android?
  • Why is iPhone so slow?
  • Why is iPhone better than galaxy?

This results show that there is a fight between iPhone user and android users.There is no clear search about specific features of each phones. It seems to me that each user are trying to prove them-self better than other without clear grounds. I do believe that they compared with other as the result of comparison made by their makers.

Nevertheless, the search about windows phone gave a clear conclusion as the results are :
  • Why is windows phone better?
  • Why is windows phone failing?
  • Why is windows  iPhone better than android?
  • Why is windows phone better than iPhone?
The results shows one thing clearly that no matter what people believe about their phone by what they believe for sure is that windows is failing. On that vote we can say that iPhone and android wins the battle over windows phone.

In conclusions, iPhone have faced slowing down problem most of the time, android's emulator is slow sometime.(Based on the suggestions) But, the battle between apple and android keeps on even after these results.