Step by Step process to buy Peercoin.(PPCoin)

Both Peer-to-Peer Coins(PPC) and BitCoins(BTC) are a form of cryptocurrencies in the digital world. In comparison to the BTC, PPC is more preferred because of its sustainability and not having technical restrictions for transactions. For example, BTC is capable of performing limited number of transaction in unit time which is not a matter to worry about while you are using PPC. Because of these several reasons you might want to get PPCs instead of BTCs. Here we have the step-by-step process that you can follow along to purchase PPCs.

This process consists of three main steps which are :
  • Buying BitCoins
  • Converting BitCoins to Peer-to-Peer Coins
  • Transferring PPC to personal wallet.
Buying BTC : allows you to buy BitCoins by linking your bank account and performing wire transfer. CoinBase and their ties are trustable communities and you don't need to worry about being it a fraud or something else to cause similar dilemma.

Converting BTC to PPC : 

You can convert your BitCoins to Peer-to-Peer Coins using BTC-e is a Russian website. You can transfer your BitCoins from CoinBase to BTC-e. Here is the way how you do it.
  •  Sign up for
  • Click "Finances" link on the top right of BTC-e which will show up once you have an account.
  • Under the BTC funds, Click "Deposit" which will let you see your BTC address which should be a combination of alpha-numeric characters. For example. 1GTp2jrteMv7hZ5dtjMfY6CHgWjPkvuJzr
  • Now, go back to and withdraw funds to the address you see on the  This process will take a few moments to go through.
  • Come back to Hit "Trade" tab on the left of BTC-e
  • Click "PPC/BTC" button
  • Scroll down the page untill you see "Buy PPC" option.
  • You will be able to choose the amount you want and the price you are willing to pay.
  • Click "Buy PPC"

Transfer PPC back to your personal wallet: 

Go back to once you have purchased some PPC. Click on "Finances" followed by "Withdraw" button by the PPC section.
  • You will be prompted to enter the address to which you want to withdraw your funds.
  • Once you have ready, open the app, click "Receive Money" to generate a new address.
  • Copy and paste the address back into BTC-e and you're done!
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